TakeoutExtractor v1.1

At the start of the year, as part of my general effort to minimise my exposure to Google, I ordered-up a Google Takeout and cleared-out and archived my photos and videos from Google Photos.

To this end, I’ve just released version 1.1 of Takeout Extractor over on github. This releases adds fixes for a few issues discovered during the year, including some kindly reported by other github users. It now correctly handles photos edited using the Google One add-on photo features, to which I subscribed some time back in the last year. I also updated the projects to .net 7 and did some general freshening up. As noted in the readme, this is a source-only release because publishing maui apps currently seems to be broken in Visual Studio 2022. I’ll see if this is resolved by future VS updates. For Windows and MacOS apps (sadly sans the latest fixes) see the v1.0 release

See here for some background on the project. I hope it is useful to someone.