Is Everett Worth the Switch? Not to me it isn’t, especially as it seems that most of the good bits will be available as separate free downloads anyway – you just don’t get the IDE integration. I’ll definitely upgrade when Yukon is released. I mentioned Everett last November. #

Become a wireless ISP: for ?300. I really, really like this technology. #

The tool of the day is Reggie. A better regsvr32. #

The United States Army is branching out into online video gaming (yes, really). Getting decent reviews. If I were living in the middle-east right now I’d find this pretty bloody insensitive. God bless America. #

And finally, from the stale links department:

Good stuff: The Guardian Century news archive (1899-1999). Beautiful landscape photographs by Charlie Waite.

Silly stuff: Gallery of classic British TV test-cards. Dictionary of Australian slang – bonzer! A lipsum generator.

Downright strange: Database of payphone numbers. Happy Tree Friends (warning: cartoon violence/gore).