Live from the Antarctic

I’ve spent most of the day coding and listening to a very cool live audio feed from below the Antarctic Ekström ice shelf. Its very ambient and spacey, and has really helped keep me in the zone today – just as well as I have a major release due to be pushed to our servers overnight tonight.

Nothing much happens: just hissing, bubbly, swishy water noises with the occasional groan and crash as chunks of ice calve away. Very relaxing and, for me at least, focusing.

And the Antarctic just got a bit less remote. Its a long way away, incredibly inhospitable, and very few people have been there – but I can sit here in my office writing code and listening to the sounds of one of the most remote places on earth.

I suspect that in a few years time my children will find something like this entirely unextraordinary…

(Via Wired, via BldgBlog)